Expertise and security for your                      top-level-domain

Advantages for you

          High availability datacentre            (99.99% availability)
Always at the state of the art
Single Purse Solution für registrars
User-friendly interface
European standard (GDPR)
Compliance with all ICANN requirements

Technical expertise

In cooperation with our partner DNS Africa Ltd. we provide you with high-quality technical solutions for operating your own top-level domain. We always create new domain extensions that are at the state of the art and in compliance with all ICANN requirements.  

Stable operation guaranteed

Our high availability datacentre in Vienna hosts licensed software of our partners by means of which we operate, among others, the top-level domains TLDs .ZA, .AFRICA, .DURBAN, .JOBURG and .CAPETOWN with a total of more than 2 million domains. Our EPP-based shared registry system is at the state of the art and fully complies with ICANN.

Security for your data

Our registered office in Austria is a guarantee for European standards and a focus on security, including in the area of data protection.

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