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Land Register database 

The Compass land register in Wirtschafts-Compass allows you access to the Land Register database of the Republic of Austria. You may instantly retrieve an excerpt from the Land Register. Other documents and deeds from the Land Register, such as purchase agreements, are also available for download.

With land register monitoring, you will no longer miss any changes regarding land register extracts and stay up to date. 

Land Register

The Land Register is a public register of the Republic of Austria in which all plots of land and rights in rem to the same are registered (e.g. title, condominium ownership, liens, building rights, servitudes, easements). A Land Register entry is usually done by a notary. A Land Register excerpt consists of three parts: A Sheet (Property Sheet), B Sheet (Title Sheet) and C Sheet (Charges Sheet including pre-emptive rights or liens of banks, etc.).

Property valuation ImmAzing Quick

With the help of the property valuation in the Wirtschafts-Compass, you can determine the value of your property with just a few clicks. The basis is the actual purchase prices of comparable properties. The perfect solution for a quick and easy valuation. 

For your convenience: The Compass archive

Retrieved land register excerpts are stored in the Compass archive so that you may view them free of charge at any time. In addition, when an excerpt is purchased, the system checks whether it is already in the archive. If the excerpt is up to date, it is indicated during the query. This avoids unnecessary duplicate queries and reduces costs.

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