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Even more advantages upon registration

Advantages for you

Business Register, Land Register, GISA, CRR
Allows complex searches
Instant download of official documents
One-off registration fee of EUR 25 (excl. VAT)
Invoice by e-billing
Discounted prices per unit

Direct access to the databases of the Republic of Austria

With ACCOUNT (access upon registration) you have direct access to the Business Register and the Land Register of the Republic of Austria as well as GISA (Trade Information System Austria). On certain prerequisites searches of the Central Register of Residents (CRR) are allowed.

Upon your registration by means of the registration form you will promptly receive your access data. ACCOUNT is intended for users requiring frequent searches every year. Upon payment of a one-off registration fee all other searches will be charged on a monthly basis.

Price list

CRR searches

Special requirements must be fulfilled to access the Central Register of Residents. Public authorities have online access and, upon application, also banks, insurance companies, lawyers, notaries or collection agencies which have been checked by the Federal Ministry of the Interior may be granted access.

Business Compass customers may also register for ACCOUNT. In this way you will have direct access to official documents (PDF, html).

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