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Land Register Basics

Cadastre? Seal? How well do you know the land register? With so many abbreviations and technical terms, it's not always easy to keep track. The Compass land register basic guide explains the most important terms. Please note that the article is in German language only.

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Compass Law Talks

Superädifikate in transition

The Compass Law Talk on June 27 will focus on Superädifikate and their legal challenges. What will change in the future? We will shed light on current legal issues with experts from the land register and real estate, construction and corporate law, among others.

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Compass Podcast

Lending & DSGVO

A new episode of our Compass-Gruppe Podcast is online. This time it's about the new rules of lending and the limited possibilities of credit checks due to the DSGVO. Available on all common podcast platforms!

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