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The Compass Group is the leading provider of business information and operates other information platforms in addition to Business Compass.

zedhia.at lets you experience the European history of economics. APO24 provides information on all pharmacies on night/weekend duty in Austria and is of particular interest to advertisers. The opendata.host platform provides business information based on open data.

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The ZEDHIA online platform transports history into the present and provides historical business information from Austria and Central Europe starting from 1868.


Online platform for duty pharmacies in Austria. This service is also available in printed form. KalenderCard is a practical folding calendar in cheque card format, which is available in more than 120 Austrian towns and municipalities.


Platform for software developers. Currently open data such as the VAT number check, address check including geo-coordinates and business search in the form of APIs, are available.

APO24 is the most popular platform when looking for a nearby open pharmacy!
Hermann Futter
Managing director
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