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From brief company portrait to route map

Our web portals offer a wealth of information:

On companies, on European economic history, on telephone data, geographical data and pharmacy on-call services. – Gives you a decisive leading edge through up-to-the-minute, verified knowledge. Always up to date: Reliable, transparent, comprehensive. - The online platform ZEDHIA brings history into the here and now, providing access to historical Austrian and Central European economic information dating back to 1868. – The online platform for emergency pharmacy services in Austria. This service is also available in printed form: The KalenderCard is a practical folding calendar the size of a credit card and is available in more than 120 Austria cities and communities. – The telephone book for Austria. This gives you direct access to the subscriber data of all telephone providers in Austria as well as collections of links on a range of topics. – The route planner for Austria with photographs, points of interest, distance meter and a number of other features. – The platform for software developers. Currently, public data such as the VAT ID check and the address check including geographical coordinates are available in the form of APIs.