Business information on Austrian businesses

The Compass Group is the leading provider of business information in Austria.

The convenient online services allow you access to the Compass database, which provides you with comprehensive business information on Austrian business entities.

Among others, data is based on Business Register entries. The profiles are updated on a daily basis and supplemented with content that was researched by the Compass editorial office.

Every day approximately 100,000 users make use of the Compass services with more than 100 million searches per year.

Different services for specific needs

Businesses, trades and more

For more than 150 years Compass-Verlag has  provided national and international businesses and institutions with up-to-date and correct business data. Valid data from the Business Register and other sources give you a 360° perspective of businesses and persons: balance sheet data, beneficial owners, documents from the Business Register and much more.


How does a business compare to others on the market? Compass Benchmark has the answer - clear and transparent. The rating scale from 1 to 4- gives a quick overview and the Benchmark Report provides detailed information. Swift decision guidance for current and future business relationships.

Real estate

Wirtschafts-Compass takes you straight to the Land Register Database of the Republic of Austria. You can quickly and easily get a Land Register excerpt of a property or plot of land. Other documents from the Land Register, such as purchase agreements, are also available online. Property valuations are available as an additional service.


The online service will inform you about the most recent changes pursuant to commercial law in the Business Register, the Land Register and about entries in the Database of Official Publications by email or in the form of a data import. Changes may also be retrieved from the Wirtschafts-Compass archive at any time. You can easily keep track of all new developments.


The Wirtschafts-Compass API ("Business-Compass API") allows fully automated searches for information about Austrian businesses, traders, professionals, associations and data on insolvencies or foundations of new businesses. By means of the API, data from Wirtschafts-Compass will be integrated directly into your internal ERP and CRM systems as well as your KYC checks.

We are only satisfied when our clients benefit from our information.
Hermann Futter
Managing director
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