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Changes at a glance

The online service Monitoring informs you about the latest changes to commercial law in the Business Register and about entries in the edicts archive.

You will receive the change reports by email or - if required - as a data import via a defined interface. Changes can be retrieved by the online platform at any time and can be sorted according to time period.

Business Register-Monitoring
You select companies and automatically receive information about each change made to the data in the Business Register.

In the Insolvency-Monitoring, both companies and individuals (private bankruptcy) can be monitored. You will be immediately informed about an entry in the edicts archive.

It is possible to administer companies and individuals in the monitoring within the online platform. If you would like to register a large number of companies or individuals, we can do so for you in a structured manner.

Individual service
We also offer highly customised services, such as monitoring groups of affiliated companies, etc.

We would be happy to hold a personal consultation with you.