Find data on businesses, trade enterprises and associations

Advantages for you

Information about businesses, trade enterprises and associations
Beneficial owners (Beneficial Owners Register)
Uniform display of balance sheets and income statements
Electronic documents from the Business Register online
Official excerpts and documents
Graphic display of owners and shareholdings

Businesses, trade enterprises, associations

This practical search in organisations searches through data of businesses, trade enterprises and associations and presents matching hits. The search for persons also shows results of persons with a Business Register function, a trade-law function, or a function in an association.

Business profile

The communication data and master data available (e.g. legal form, year of foundation, Business Register number, VAT no., LEI, OENACE industry) are part of every profile. Owners, management and participating interests are linked to the persons and business entities behind them to give an insight into corporate interconnections and the functions of a person.

Official excerpts

In addition, many registers of the Republic of Austria are available in the Wirtschafts-Compass ("Business Compass"). This makes it simple and easy to retrieve the following official excerpts:

  • Business Register excerpt (with up-to-date or historical data)
  • Excerpts from the Beneficial Owners Register
  • GISA excerpts
  • Excerpts from the Register of Associations

Organisation charts & business data

Organisational charts give you a graphic overview of ownership and shareholding structures including interests as recorded in the Business Register. Besides organisational charts of business entities and persons, charts of the beneficial owners are also available.

Business data primarily contains information on turnover and employees researched by the Compass editors. Credit reports may be retrieved directly from renowned providers, our partners.

Wide range of services

In addition, a wide range of services are integrated, such as:

  • Registrations of new businesses, and insolvencies
  • Registration data (for authorised users)
  • Compliance information
  • Foundations
  • Cross-border businesses and much more

Documents and further information

The electronic documents allow you to view and download original documents from the Business Register (articles of association, annual financial statements, balance sheets, etc.).

First registrations and the date of the last entry into the Business Register, products and activities of the business entity, trade mark rights and legal facts round off the business profile.

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