Domain Business

Pooled expertise in domain business

From a specific domain to your own name space on the internet

The companies domainworx, and RyCE offer a comprehensive range of services for your online presence and the management of your domains.

Whether you want to register a single domain for your private website or manage your entire domain portfolio or create your own domain extension for your business - we are your competent partner with many years of experience.

Different services for specific needs

domainworx Service und Management GmbH offers businesses its comprehensive expertise in generating and operating new top-level domains.

The registrar Domain Service GmbH offers its customers with an extensive domain portfolio for the professional implementation of their digital presence.


RyCE GmbH is a certified registry service provider which ensures that a top-level domain will be operated with great expertise and state-of-the-art security standards. Currently, the top-level domains .WIEN, .KOELN, .COLOGNE and .TIROL are managed in this system.

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