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Compass Benchmark provides a statistically calculated benchmark based on balance sheets for Austrian business entities registered in the Business Register.

The ranking is based on a rating scale from 1 to 4-, with 4- corresponding to the probability that a business entity might not be able to fulfil its payment obligations within one year.

The benchmark is based on published balance sheets, key performance indicators and basic data of the business entity like ÖNACE code, legal form, size, Austrian state, age and number of employees. The benchmark contains no information on payment conduct.

Benchmark - Säulendiagramm

Benchmark - Tortendiagramm (Grafische Darstellung)

Comparison with others in the industry

The Benchmark Report may be retrieved as a PDF file from Wirtschafts-Compass. Many details, including which key performance indicators have an influence on the benchmark, how things are developing within the comparison group, or how the business entity stands in comparison with others of the same industry and size, are presented transparently in the report.

Report in detail

Compass Benchmark uses school marks from 1 to 4-. The detailed PDF report consists of several sections:

  • The benchmark in comparison
  • Factors influencing the benchmark rating
  • Development of the benchmark within the comparison group
  • Development of key performance indicators within the comparison group
  • Up-to-date balance sheets
  • Appendix

Standard prices (in EUR excl. VAT):

Long report: EUR 38,-

Short report: EUR 19,-
(balance sheet data and development of key performance indicators not included)


The database that was used for developing and validating Compass Benchmark comes from a multi-year history of data from the Business Register and has been enriched with master data such as ÖNACE code, legal form, postal code of the business entity’s registered office and the number of employees. In total, almost one million balance sheets of approximately 160,000 business entities were used. On average, 6.1 annual financial statements can be found for each business entity.

A standard methodology, which is employed in the development of rating systems at banks, was used for developing Compass Benchmark. This ensures that the results of Compass Benchmark will be comparable with the rating results of leading banks. For details please see our White Paper (in German only).

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