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Benchmark-Report in detail

General presentation

The Compass-Benchmark is shown as a school grade from 1 to 4-.

The detailed PDF report is arranged into several sections and clarifies aspects such as factors that have an influence on the benchmark and the company’s historical development. The colour gradients within the graphics allow you to see immediately what matters.

1. The benchmark in comparison
The graphic shows how the company stands in comparison to others of the same industry and size. The distribution of the benchmark evaluations within the comparison group and Austria as a whole is also shown. Insolvency information about the comparison group supplement the picture.

2. Factors influencing the benchmark evaluation
Key figures which influence the benchmark calculation appear in the graphic in green (positive influence) or red (negative influence). Furthermore, the key figures are listed by value, risk, weighting and the resulting influence.

3. Development of the benchmark within the comparison group
The benchmark and probability of default are presented over time and compared with the comparison group. The criteria that trigger a calculation are also recorded.

4. Development of key figures within the comparison group
Only in the long version: Selected key figures are presented over time and compared with the comparison group.

5. Current balance sheets
Only in the long version: Balance sheet presentation of the last three years incl. changes.

6. Appendix
All details, including on the comparison group, are visible. The long version additionally contains an explanation of the key figures.