Jo Rogner

Prokurist [authorised officer]

Jo Rogner, MBA has been a Prokurist [authorised officer] of Compass-Datenbank GmbH since 2017 and of Compass-Verlag GmbH since 2020.

He started his IT career working on projects for the KURIER publishing house where he was employed from 2001 in various functions (also as head of IT of the Telekurier internet subsidiary).

After a short stopover at GmbH, where he was a driving force in the company's sunrise phase, he joined Compass-Datenbank GmbH and has been the head of IT since then. He has supported and shaped the expansion of Compass’ IT infrastructure.

As CIO of the Compass Group Jo Rogner manages and designs all digital interfaces.

Jo Rogner is married and the father of two children.

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